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Release Scheme

All CODAC Core System releases are labelled with a sequence of 3 numbers (the CODAC Core System version identifier) that identify the major branch, the minor variant, starting from 0 for each major version, and the maintenance iteration, starting from 0 for each minor release. For example, CCS version 4.3.1 is a maintenance release for the 4.3 version while CCS version 5.1 is one minor release of version 5.

There have been two official CODAC Core System releases every year until 2016: release “A” in February of either a new major version or a new minor one, introducing major changes and new features, and release “B” in June or July of a new minor version, improving and extending the previously released version.

From 2017, only one version per year is planned, in February. In addition, maintenance releases are issued when bug fixes need to be distributed to many users. These are usually produced for the last minor version of a major version (ex: 5.4).

Patches for fixing known issues are produced and distributed to users requiring them on demand.

Preliminary versions (alpha and beta releases) are produced before any official versions but these can only be distributed to testers and shall not be used for I&C development.

Two or more different minor versions can be simultaneously installed on one computer, provided the major version is the same, but only one minor version can be active at a time. This feature is provided mainly to facilitate migration to the latest version.

It is strongly recommended to migrate to the latest version of the IO CCS distribution. Tools are provided for upgrading systems and for migrating applications. The support team can also assist users to facilitate such a migration.

With each release, the list of enhancements and bug fixes is recorded. This list is published via the release notes and the details can be obtained from CODAC support. There is no retrofitting of bug fixes to previously released versions but patches can be provided, if required.

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