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Git Teamwork

Congratulations, you now know enough to start collaborating on Git projects! Let’s review.

  • remote is a Git repository that lives outside your Git project folder. Remotes can live on the web, on a shared network or even in a separate folder on your local computer.
  • The Git Collaborative Workflow are steps that enable smooth project development when multiple collaborators are working on the same Git project.

We also learned the following commands

  • git clone: Creates a local copy of a remote.
  • git remote -v: Lists a Git project’s remotes.
  • git fetch: Fetches work from the remote into the local copy.
  • git merge origin/master: Merges origin/master into your local branch.
  • git push origin <branch_name>: Pushes a local branch to the originremote.

Git projects are usually managed on Github, a website that hosts Git projects for millions of users. With Github you can access your projects from anywhere in the world by using the basic workflow you learned here.

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