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numpy : descriptive statistics

기술 통계(descriptive statistics) 데이터의 개수(count) 평균(mean, average) 분산(variance) 표준 편차(standard deviation) 최댓값(maximum) 최솟값(minimum) 중앙값(median) 사분위수(quartile) 1. count 2. mean 3. variance 4. standard deviation 5. maximum and minimum 6. median 7. quartile

Setup numpy

install miniconda Miniconda gives you the Python interpreter itself, along with a command-line tool called conda which operates as a cross-platform package manager geared toward Python packages, similar in spirit to the apt or yum tools that Linux users might be familiar with. To get started, download and install the Miniconda package–make sure to choose a version with Python 3–and then install the core packages used in this book: [~]$ conda install numpy pandas scikit-learn matplotlib seaborn jupyter