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JUnit5 User Guide

What is JUnit 5? Unlike previous versions of JUnit, JUnit 5 is composed of several different modules from three different sub-projects. JUnit 5 = JUnit Platform + JUnit Jupiter + JUnit Vintage The JUnit Platform serves as a foundation for launching testing frameworks on the JVM. It also defines the TestEngineAPI for developing a testing framework that runs on the platform. Furthermore, the platform provides a Console Launcher to launch the platform from the command line and a JUnit 4 based Runner for running any TestEngine on the platform in a […]

JUnit Introduction

1. The JUnit Framework JUnit is a test framework which uses annotations to identify methods that specify a test. JUnit is an open source project hosted at Github. 2. How to define a test in JUnit? A JUnit test is a method contained in a class which is only used for testing. This is called a Test class. To define that a certain method is a test method, annotate it with the @Test annotation. This method executes the code under test. You […]