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Java Servlet Filter

Why need Server-Filter? Situation 1: Normally, when user requests a web page, a request is sent to the server, it will have to pass through the filter before before reaching the page required, like the illustration below: Situation 2: However, there are situations where the user’s request do not pass all Filters  Situation 3: In case that the user requests a page (page 1), this request must pass Filters, in a certain filter, the  request are redirected to […]

Java Servlet for Beginners

What is Servlet? Java Servlets are programs that run on a Web or Application server and act as a middle layer between a request coming from a Web browser or other HTTP client and databases or applications on the HTTP server. Using Servlets, you can collect input from users through web page forms, present records from a database or another source, and create web pages dynamically. Install Tomcat Web Server Create Web Project to start […]